Tired of the usual gifts? How about aiming for the belly of your friends and relatives this year? We offer you 10 sweet gift ideas with the Oliviero brand.

There is now very little to go to the most magical day of the year, Christmas. Between flashing lights, themed songs, decorations and decorated trees, the atmosphere is almost complete. Gifts are missing. There are those who love giving gifts (and who doesn’t love receiving them?) And they are dedicated to buying scarves, caps, pajamas, personalized mugs and so on and so forth. Over the years, however, these gifts, however pleasing they may be, are almost impersonal and superfluous. If you too want to aim for something different this year, perhaps that will conquer the palate, we suggest 10 sweet products under the Oliviero brand that you can combine with many others from the entire catalog and create a truly original and certainly very welcome gift. Ready? Here are 10 Oliviero products to give at Christmas.

1. Nougats

Ever green for the Christmas period, nougats cannot be missing from this list. Made with high quality genuine raw materials, you can choose your favorite from the vast assortment. A nice idea is to select various flavors and put them in our gift box. A very original gift for nougat lovers.

2. Marron glacés

Marron glaces are a Christmas must: there is no table on which there is no glazed brown. Our marron glaces are obtained from the process of cooking, candying and glazing the previously peeled chestnuts and candying is performed with traditional methods with controlled evaporation. If the recipient of your gift is a true connoisseur of chestnuts, he cannot fail to appreciate the taste of these little pieces of delicacy.

3. Nougat balls

Two nice variations of the traditional nougat, our nougat balls are soft nougat balls covered with milk, dark, white chocolate available in blue packaging, or ruby ​​in pink packaging. They make a perfect gift for those who are always looking for an evening or afternoon treat.

4. Amorelle

The combination of the dark chocolate casket and the amarenized candied cherry makes our Amorelle a perfect product for a small moment of pleasure. You can choose between dark or milk chocolate: we are sure this is a gift that will not go unnoticed.

5. Mostaccioli and roccocò

If you say Christmas, you inevitably say mostaccioli and roccocò: a symbol of the Christmas tradition of Campania, they cannot be missing on the table. And if you want to make another person’s Christmas sweeter, this is the perfect gift. A mixed package or only mostaccioli, to savor all the confectionery tradition of our region.

6. Praline almonds

Dried fruit is another Christmas element. But what about the “praline” version? Our bags of hazelnuts, almonds and praline peanuts will make the difference, perhaps, in a Christmas basket of dried fruit only. The sweet touch that cannot be missing.

7. Fruit covered with chocolate

We are aware of the particular flavors of chocolate-covered fruit such as figs or dates, but we assure you that once tasted you cannot do without them. True connoisseurs of these products will be able to appreciate the intense flavor and aromas of extra-dark chocolate that harmoniously matches fruit.

8. Pack of 18 nougats

Another variant of nougat: this time, however, there are 18 nougats in 3 different flavors directly packaged in an elegant box.

9. Dolci virgole

The assortment dedicated to sweet commas is also irresistible. High quality orange, lemon and ginger peel covered with extra dark or white chocolate. For a truly tempting gift package, place the entire line in our gift bag: simple, good and effective

10. Croccantini

Last but not least, our beloved crunchies made of crunchy covered with 50% milk and dark chocolate in a box that will be snapped up. Croquettes are a must, they never go out of style and are popular with young and old. They are individually packaged and placed in an elegant box.

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