If you are organizing your wedding, know that 5 types, or rather tastes, of confetti cannot be missing. Discover them all.

You say marriage, you say confetti. The real stars of the sweet table who manage to win over all the guests, especially in recent times with the advent of truly delicious taste experiments. In fact, even in the most traditional of weddings we find new, modern flavors, which increasingly capture the attention of the betrothed who choose, more and more often, to enrich the confetti with different types of confetti.

But what are the 5 types of confetti that cannot be missing at a wedding? 

  1. In the first place there is certainly the traditional almond sugared almond. The sugared almond par excellence, always recommended and a symbol of marriage. Find out why here.
  2.  In second place is the chocolate dragee: with an almond or hazelnut heart, dark or milk, it is the ideal choice even for the youngest guests, real chocolovers! 
  3. Do not forget the “cream” flavors: in third place, in fact, we find confetti with pistachio, hazelnut cream, wafer, vanilla. Perfect flavors to amaze your guests! 
  4. In fourth place among the sugared almonds that can not miss at the wedding there are those with fruit, especially those with coconut super appreciated by many people.
  5. And, finally – it is appropriate to say – the quintessence of taste: the confetti filled with liqueur, such as limoncello or rum, or those with very particular tastes such as babà or ricotta and pear to satisfy “an audience” with a superfine palate and sought after. 

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