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Wine and nougat: tips for a perfect match

Which type of wine is best suited to accompany nougat in its thousand shades? In this article we suggest the best combinations between wine and nougat. An ancient flavor The birth of nougat goes back in time, enclosed in a legendary aura that dates back, according to historical sources, to the ancient Romans and Arabs […]

Walnuts: properties, characteristics and curiosities

What are walnuts? What are their properties and characteristics? In this article, you will discover this and much more. Read on. Nuts, from the point of view of botanical classification, belong to the dried fruit family. They are oily seeds with mineral salts and for this reason they are preferred by those who practice sports. […]

Dried fruit: why consume it?

Among the most popular dried fruit we find pistachios, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts, chestnuts and cashews. All dried fruit contains a high protein content and is therefore ideal for all diets excluding meat. Plus, it’s packed full of nutrients. There are many reasons to consume it: which ones? Among the most popular dried fruit […]

Pistachio, the green taste that has conquered the world

History, curiosity, fruit: everything there is to know about pistachio. Its particular flavor has conquered the world so much that it can be found everywhere: in ice cream, cakes, creams and even nougats. What are we talking about? But of pistachio, of course: the most loved green taste ever. History of pistachio Pistachios have very […]

September flavors: 2 late summer desserts

Summer is over but at least on the table we can still have some flashes of summer taste. Here are 2 great recipes for making delicious desserts you will love. Summer is almost over, the sun’s rays are fading, the beaches are being displaced. How sad! We have an idea: why not end the summer […]

The “juta” to Montevergine between cult, legend and nougat

What is “juta” in Montevergine? Recurrence, tradition, legend and gastronomic products “They are all beautiful, except one which is ugly and therefore flees to a high mountain, Montevergine”. This phrase refers to the 7 Madonnas of Campania, born from Sant’Anna and San Gioacchino. In particular to one of the seven sister Madonnas, the Black Madonna […]

Ginger passion: all you need to know

Ginger is a spice with a thousand properties and infinite benefits. Find out everything there is to know. Properties of ginger Ginger is used primarily as a natural anti-inflammatory, as a digestive and has a very effective action against nausea and dizziness. Thanks to ginger, ailments such as motion sickness, seasickness, morning sickness can be […]