September flavors: 2 late summer desserts

Summer is over but at least on the table we can still have some flashes of summer taste. Here are 2 great recipes for making delicious desserts you will love. Summer is almost over, the sun's rays are fading, the beaches are being displaced.…

The “juta” to Montevergine between cult, legend and nougat

What is “juta” in Montevergine? Recurrence, tradition, legend and gastronomic products "They are all beautiful, except one which is ugly and therefore flees to a high mountain, Montevergine". This phrase refers to the 7 Madonnas…

Ginger passion: all you need to know

Ginger is a spice with a thousand properties and infinite benefits. Find out everything there is to know. Properties of ginger Ginger is used primarily as a natural anti-inflammatory, as a digestive and has a very effective action against…

Goji berries : what are the benefits for our body?

We have heard a lot about Goji berries. But what are they? And what are the benefits for our body generated by this red fruit? Let's find out everything there is to know about Goji berries. Goji berries: all the benefits Defined as…

Confettata, an ancient but always modern tradition

Confettata: origins, current trends and tips for making it perfectly Every special occasion needs, to be considered such, a series of essential details. One of the most classic and expected by the guests is, without a doubt, the confettata The…
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