It is really rare to meet someone who does not adore the taste of chestnuts, so special, so enveloping that it makes them the undisputed queens of autumn. A fruit so versatile that it can be used in countless recipes: here are four ways to use chestnuts in the kitchen.

The roasted chestnuts

Perhaps one of the best known methods for cooking chestnuts is certainly to roast them. The roast chestnut is cooked in special perforated pots, put on the fire for 20-30 minutes and turned continuously to prevent burning. It is necessary to make a cut in the peel to prevent them from bursting. This cooking method makes them very digestible and tasty for that particular hint of toasted!

Boiled chestnuts

To cook them boiled, you need to peel them completely and soak them. Then just insert it into a pot brought to a boil. Cook and season with salt and bay leaf for fifty minutes then drain.

The chestnut cream

In desserts, spread on bread, inside a tart: chestnut cream is a unique delicacy. Preparing a chestnut cream is a procedure very similar to that of jams: the only precaution to be kept is the relationship between the product and the amount of sugar.

Chestnut flour

Once upon a time, chestnut flour was stored in wooden caskets to protect it from atmospheric agents, especially air and light. It can be used to prepare the famous castagnaccio, for pancakes, crepes, mousses and other desserts.

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