Typical preparation of Irpinia, especially the province of Avellino, the priest’s chestnuts are a specialty of our gastronomy. Born from a priest’s mistake – as legend has it – the chestnuts of the Avellino priest have no equal. Here’s what they are and how to prepare them at home. 

The chestnuts of the priest are a very local delight, typical of Irpinia and widespread especially in the province of Avellino. A widespread legend would explain the cooking process, a legend that sees a priest as its protagonist. To know him click here. Even today, the chestnuts of the priest of Avellino are prepared with the same recipe as in the past: as soon as they are harvested they are very humid and, for this reason, they must be dried inside heated structures for ten days and then toasted in the oven. 

The priest’s method

Then “the priest’s method” comes into play: in fact, to prevent the chestnuts from becoming dry they are immersed in water – or sometimes in water and wine – to make them soft again.

How to prepare the priest’s chestnuts at home

Preparing the priest’s chestnuts at home is quite simple. To do this you will need: chestnuts, water and red wine if you want. The first stage involves roasting chestnuts on a grate, on the barbecue in the fireplace it will be fine. Once the chestnuts have been roasted, they are allowed to cool and toast in the oven for 50-60 minutes at a temperature not exceeding 120 ° C: in the end, the chestnuts must be dry and crunchy. Once cooled, the chestnuts should be immersed in water and wine – or just wine or just water – for a week at the end of which they should be drained and left on a grate for 20 minutes to be dried. Only at this point can they be eaten.

But if you don’t feel like a lot of work, you can buy our delicious chestnuts from the Avellino priest directly here. Don’t forget to share this article on your social networks and follow us on Facebook for lots of sweet news! 

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