Confettata: origins, current trends and tips for making it perfectly

Every special occasion needs, to be considered such, a series of essential details. One of the most classic and expected by the guests is, without a doubt, the confettata

The origins

The confettata is an ancient tradition and in times gone by it was a gift that the bride and groom received from the wedding guests: the baskets that the guests brought to the guests were filled with almonds, walnuts, pistachios, various sweets

Over time the tradition has reversed: the confetti became the homage with which the spouses thanked their guests.

With the discovery of the Indies and the consequent discovery of sugar, the confectioners started coating the sugar almonds but did not stop there. In fact, they began to cover sugar of all kinds of dried fruit and all the known aromas helped to compose all the variety of confetti that we know today.

Confettata: the trends of the moment

Once, at the end of the wedding reception, at the time of the greetings, the guests received a wedding favor and a bag with 5 sugared almonds from the bride and groom.

As said, things are different today. It is customary to organize, during special occasions, a sweet table made of all kinds of confetti and various sweets, to delight the delicacy of all guests

The perfect confettata

For a self-respecting sugared almond, this must follow all the guidelines chosen for the special occasion: style, colors, decorations.

Here are some tips to follow:

  • Choose a large variety of flavors
  • Use transparent, elegant and themed containers for the special occasion
  • Use tags or labels to signal the different flavors of the sugared almonds
  • Paper cones, sachets, boxes will be ideal solutions to allow guests to bring sugared almonds to the table or home

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