If you have an event in sight and you do not know which confetti to choose, we will help you with this small guide to choosing. Discover all the types by continuing to read.

A fundamental part of every ceremony, sugared almonds represent in the Italian tradition inevitable elements to seal a beautiful event. The choice is really wide: in fact, on the market there are dozens of flavors, shapes and colors among which it is very often difficult to choose. But if you too are in the mare magnum of sugared almonds, in this useful guide we will help you in choosing according to your needs.

Chocolate sugared almonds

Those with chocolate are the simplest sugared almonds and are perfect for baptisms, births, communions or birthdays: in short, for all those events dedicated to children. Alongside the classic white, pink, blue and red, in our shop you can also find confetti in the most varied and bright colors and with precious finishes, such as the shaded ones.

Almond dragees

Always associated with marriage, almond sugared almonds are perfect if you are also organizing more classic ceremonies such as confirmations or communions. Almond sugared almonds are not all the same: in fact, they differ in the type of almond used. To find out which almonds are most used for the production of sugared almonds click here.

Flavored sugared almonds

If until a few years ago the choice of confetti was limited to the aforementioned types, today there are new trends in flavors that have also captured the confetti. The flavored, in fact, are sugared almonds characterized by a heart of hazelnut or almond wrapped in a layer of dark or white chocolate flavored in various flavors and then covered with sugar. The result? Confetti which are the natural evolution of tradition and which in taste are reminiscent of fruit, pastry desserts, liqueurs and much more. These confetti can be used, in reality, for any ceremony alongside the classics in the creation of the traditional sweet table.

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