What does sustainable cocoa mean? What does it mean to be a sustainable and ethical chocolate manufacturer?

 Sustainability is one of the values ​​in which our company has always believed. In fact, since its inception, Oliviero has been committed to important collaborations based on a precise code of ethics, which sees respect, the growth of relationships with the entire supply chain, sustainability, fairness and transparency as the founding cornerstones of its essence. For this reason, our company is Rain Forest certified which incorporated our previous UTZ certification and which represents and protects farmers and companies working for a world where people and nature thrive in harmony. Farmers and companies involved in the chocolate production cycle, in fact, are committed to continuous improvement with particular attention to the environment and the living conditions of the operators involved. 

What does it mean to produce chocolate in an ethical and sustainable way?

Our commitment is to operate as a sustainable and ethical chocolate company, which means that we are committed to ensuring the traceability of all raw materials and a long-term sustainable supply of essential resources. The fairtrade certification, in fact, ensures fair working conditions for cocoa farmers and, above all, a fair payment for their cocoa production.

Our company, which intends to be characterized by a truly sustainable cocoa-based offer, has also obtained the Faitrade certification, operating internationally, for which we are committed to responsible sourcing, supporting agricultural producers in developing countries, giving them the opportunity to improve their living and working conditions. Therefore, when you buy one of our cocoa-based products you will find a special mark on the packaging that guarantees the production, on our part, and the consumption, on your part, of a truly sustainable product.

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