confettata e coronavirus

Loved by everyone to celebrate any event, especially weddings, the sugared almond is a sweet tradition. Due to the coronavirus and related limitations, the idea of the candy was not abandoned but at least set aside for a while. But are you really sure you want to give it up from the start? We suggest how to organize one in the time of the coronavirus in total safety.

The coronavirus has inevitably changed our habits, our lives and even if slowly there is all the desire to regain possession of one’s daily life. The wedding sector was, along with others, the most penalized and almost forgotten. But time passes quickly and, at the moment, it seems that a glimmer of light is the epiphany of a real opening. If you are also organizing a wedding, or any other event, and do not want to give up the sugared almond, we suggest some ideas for organizing a sweet table in safety.

Small bags

Over the past year and a half we have often heard the word “gathering”. Therefore, any gathering at the sweet table is prohibited. An alternative solution is to make the traditional “handkerchiefs” or bags already packaged with a mix of sugared almonds chosen by you. In this way, the table will be a sort of “wedding favor” table with many baskets in which to insert the bags. In this way, guests can take turns picking up a small bag before leaving or enjoying them on site.

Sugared almond as escort cards

For something truly original you can organize the confetti on the false trail of the escort cards used for the seating plan of the banquet so that each guest has his own bag full of pralines. In reality, very little changes compared to the previous idea except that here you will have the pampering of personalization that each guest will appreciate as a special gesture.

Single portion sugared almonds

The latest truly innovative idea that most people, including us at Oliviero, agreed with, is that of individually wrapped sugared almonds. In fact, the single-dose is certainly a safer and more hygienic solution without sacrificing beauty, refinement of tastes and combinations. If the idea appeals to you, contact us for a free consultation and discover all the flavors of our sugared almonds in the dedicated section.

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