Undisputed symbol of this season, chestnuts can be defined as a “comfort food” appreciated as they are in all preparations. Find out in this article everything that revolves around them.

Rich in fiber, carbohydrates, and quality proteins, chestnuts contain little fat and many minerals, including potassium, which makes them perfect for athletes since it is precisely potassium that reduces muscle fatigue.

An ancient rite

The chestnut harvest has always represented one of the most important events in agricultural life since it covered a period of time of about 10/15 days from morning to evening from late September / early October, and then always ended with a party for everyone, so much so that they are still in use in many famous festivals throughout Italy.

Popular beliefs about chestnuts

Chestnuts are a fascinating fruit, as well as delicious: their shape is mysterious, as well as their essence, so over time they have lent themselves to popular imagination. Here are some beliefs that revolve around them:

Furthermore, according to some legends, chestnuts could absorb negative energies and thus heal sick people: it seems that it would be enough to put an odd number of chestnuts in a ceramic vase next to the sick person’s bed.

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