What are walnuts? What are their properties and characteristics? In this article, you will discover this and much more. Read on.

Nuts, from the point of view of botanical classification, belong to the dried fruit family. They are oily seeds with mineral salts and for this reason they are preferred by those who practice sports. Moreover, they are very useful as a source of zinc, calcium and magnesium, they are also excellent allies in the treatment of arteriosclerosis and stress.

Walnuts: properties


  Nuts are very energetic fruits: in fact, for 100 g of product they provide the body with about 600 calories. Like all oil seeds, they are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and mineral salts, such as zinc, calcium, potassium, copper, iron and magnesium. Consistent, within these small gifts of nature, vitamin E and folic acid. The omega 3 acids contained in walnuts help to keep the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood under control and to fight stress.

Vitamin E makes nuts small pearls of youth which, by fighting the action of free radicals, are excellent antioxidants. However, the surprising property of walnuts is certainly that given by arginine, an amino acid that makes them perfect for those who practice sports: walnuts are in fact a very energetic food (therefore excellent for recharging in a healthy and light way).

According to Paracelsus’ signature theory, walnuts are good for the brain. This property would be underlined by the appearance of the walnut kernel which evokes the structure of the cerebral cortex: this correspondence would define, according to the theory of signatures, a natural link between these two elements.


albero di noce

The walnut has always been, in the popular imagination, a tree linked to witches and evil spirits. In fact, during the Middle Ages it was believed that the sabbaths (the nocturnal encounters between witches and the Devil) took place right under a walnut tree, for this reason this plant has remained inextricably linked over time to superstitions and fantastic stories: in many fairy tales, all he interior of walnuts, marvelous treasures are hidden and once upon a time, in Sicily, it was believed that a walnut in your pocket preserved from spells and fever.A second curiosity concerns the nocino, or the liqueur made with walnuts. Behind this preparation are hidden tradition and folklore, but also a pinch of magic. The legend tells that the walnuts for the nocino are harvested at night still soaked in dew, during the summer solstice and more precisely on June 24, the day of San Giovanni. This date was considered a special passage of the Earth that gave the fruits esoteric properties and it was awaited this very night to gather herbs and plants destined for magical operations.

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