One of the summer dilemmas is: what can I do to keep the taste and appearance of chocolate unchanged even with the thermometer going crazy? In this article, we suggest some practical tips on how to do it. 

Whether it’s milk, dark, white or pink, chocolate is one of those delicacies for the palate that no one gives up easily. But in summer, with the advancing heat and temperatures rising to extreme levels, you are often forced to choose something else for your break because in the summer it is really difficult to store chocolate! But why is it so difficult?

Storing chocolate in the summer: why and how?

Ma perché è così difficile conservare il cioccolato in estate? La causa ovviamente riguarda la sensibilità di quest’ultimo al colore, sensibilità che è dovuto al temperaggio e cioè una delle fasi di preparazione che la materia prima nella tavoletta che tanto amiamo. Una fase in cui il burro di cacao si cristallizza per donare al prodotto la tipica consistenza. A causa di ciò, il caldo, l’umidità e le temperature alte sono veri e propri nemici del cioccolato. Tuttavia, se seguirai i nostri consigli potrai avere del cioccolato buono e coerenti anche d’estate.

Storing chocolate in the summer: our tips

The fundamental fact that we should all know is that in order not to melt, chocolate needs a temperature between 10 ° C and 18 ° and in any case no more than 20 ° C. This means that you can store the chocolate:

In the refrigerator, placed in an airtight container because chocolate tends to absorb food

In the freezer if you have a lot of chocolate making sure, during defrosting, to do it gradually and not at room temperature, placing it first in the refrigerator to avoid sudden changes in temperature and therefore bacterial proliferation

In the cupboard always and only if it does not have a glass door, therefore exposed to light or near the stove or oven

Final tips

As you will have understood, chocolate is very sensitive to temperatures, so it is best not to subject it to thermal shocks or sudden changes in temperature. If you have decided to embark on a very long summer trip, you will have to choose something else for your snack in the car: you would rather have a chocolate cream with a decidedly different flavor! 

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