Consistent and sugary, protagonists of the Christmas holidays, maron glacés are in great demand by the sweet tooth, especially in this period. Let’s talk about these pastry products in this new article. 

From late autumn and until Christmas, maron glacés – a sweet chestnut processing – populate the windows of haute patisserie and confectionery industries. After all, chestnuts are a highly sought-after fruit and it is above all the “Marrone” variety that is used to create this sugary delicacy “.

Chestnuts and marrons: the differences

But what are the differences between chestnuts and chestnuts? The first obvious difference certainly concerns the size: in fact, chestnuts are generally larger than chestnuts. Furthermore, while up to seven fruits can be found inside a chestnut hedgehog, a maximum of three appear in one of chestnuts. Another big difference concerns the film that separates the fruit from the peel: the browns, in fact, are not “set”, the surface is smoother and more homogeneous so the film that surrounds it is much easier to remove.They also differ in shape and color: chestnuts are small and crushed with a resistant and dark brown skin; browns, on the other hand, are thicker, the skin of a lighter brown, with a rounded shape that resembles that of a heart[.:]

Marron glacès: curiosities about the origins

Despite the French name of this pastry delicacy, the origins of this delicacy are uncertain. There are two theories in this regard: according to the most widespread, the birth of marron glacé dates back to the sixteenth century in the Cuneo area. According to this theory, marron glacé were invented by a court cook of the Duke of Savoy Carlo Emanuele I, and the recipe is attested for the first time in the volume “Confetturiere Piemontesi” published in Turin at the end of the eighteenth century. A second theory places the birth of marron glacés in Lyon. A version that, in any case, despite the French-speaking name, highly likely accredits the Italian character of the recipe as Lyon was also part of the kingdom of the Savoy.

Our proposal

Our company specializes in the production of confectionery excellences including marron glacès. Avellino, in fact, in the heart of Irpinia, is famous for the processing of chestnuts and marroni. Our catalog presents a rich assortment of whole marron glacés, in pieces and covered with the finest chocolate. Delicious products and it is appropriate to say that one leads to another. 

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