You know, confetti accompany many special occasions. And that’s why the choice of the right ones should not be left to chance. In fact, whatever the occasion, the number of confetti and their color must be chosen according to a particular logic.


It is important to consider: color, type, number and taste. Let’s see together, through a practical guide, which sugared almonds are reserved for specific ceremonies and above all how many sugared almonds to insert in the favor bag.

Color for any occasion

Tradition provides:

  • wedding vows: green sugared almonds
  • wedding: white sugared almonds
  • birth and baptism: pink or blue sugared almonds
  • communion and confirmation: white sugared almonds
  • birthdays: any color
  • degree: red sugared almonds
  • 1 year of marriage: pink sugared almonds
  • 5 years of marriage: fuchsia sugared almonds
  • 25 years of marriage: silver sugared almonds
  • 50 years of marriage: gold confetti
  • 55 years of marriage: ivory sugared almonds
  • 60 years of marriage: white sugared almonds

Now that we have told you what are the right colors for the most important occasions, let’s see how many sugared almonds should be placed inside the wedding favor.

Number of sugared almonds

The first thing to say is that the number of confetti inside the favor bag must always be odd, as a symbol of positivity and energy as well as the indivisibility of the union.

Most favors have 3 or 5 sugared almonds, rarely 1. But let’s see what it means:

  • 1 sugared almond indicates the uniqueness of the event
  • 3 confetti indicate the couple and the son
  • 5 sugared almonds symbolize fertility, longevity, health, well-being and happiness


So if you are organizing an event it is necessary not only to think about the menu, the floral decorations but it is of considerable importance to choose the right sugared almonds for an unforgettable sugared almond. If you make the right choice, your guests will thank and eat all the confetti! Have you already visited our section dedicated to?

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