How do other countries around the world celebrate Easter? What are the typical sweets? Come with us on this virtual tour of parties and sweets.

There are exactly 7 days left until Easter: a holiday which, in addition to the religious celebration of the resurrection of Christ, has a strong convivial value in Italy and in the world. We know very well what are the confectionery traditions of Easter in Campania, but how do other countries of the world celebrate? What are the typical sweets? Let’s take a virtual tour to discover sweet delicacies.

England celebrates Easter with “hot cross buns”, small croissants with raisins and cinnamon, the surface of which is decorated with sugar icing in the shape of a cross to symbolize the passion of Christ.


The Finns, more than Easter, celebrate the return of spring by preparing mammi, a dessert made from rye and malt flour, with molasses and orange peel. It is served with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream.


In Spain, during Holy Week, sweet donuts are prepared with hard-boiled eggs in the center covered with icing and colored coral, which take the name of mona of Pascua that is “Easter gift.


On Easter day, in Poland it is customary to have breakfast with babka, a brioche filled with chocolate cream, raisins and dried fruit.


The traditional German Easter dessert is hefezopf, a brioche in the shape of a braid and sprinkled with sugar grains.


The Danes celebrate Easter with “semla”, a sweet consisting of brioche bread filled with almond paste and whipped cream.

Do you know other confectionery traditions in the world of the Easter period? Leave a comment, follow us on Facebook and discover our Easter delights here.

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