Fruit, spices, spirits, wine are just some of the perfect combinations with chocolate.Discover them all with us.

If there is one thing on which we are all, absolutely everyone, agree it is that any moment is perfect to indulge in chocolate with its various combinations. In fact, chocolate is perfect in combination with fruit, spices, spirits, wines and much more. Each chocolate, then, has its own characteristics that prefer this rather than the other combination: the sweetness of the white, the vanilla note of the milk one, the more intense and bitter sensations of the dark chocolate. Before understanding what are the best combinations, it is good to ask yourself a question and that is: what sensations are we looking for? Contrast between sweet and salty, soft and crunchy?

Dark Chocolate and fruit

Among the most classic combinations there is certainly the one between candied orange peel or candied lemon and dark chocolate, which you can taste in our peel. But the combinations with fruit do not end there. Here are other delicious ideas that go perfectly with dark chocolate: chocolate and black cherries to try in our sweethearts, but also with berries, pear, banana and cosso for a more tropical taste. 

Chocolate, wine and spirits

Most likely everyone thinks that the perfect match between chocolate and spirits is with Rum, but in reality, chocolate also goes perfectly with Whiskey, Moscato, young Grappas, Cognac, but also with sake and wines. The ginduia, for example, is perfect with the whiskey because the fatter notes of the hazelnut balance the pungent ones of the distillate. Cold sake, on the other hand, goes perfectly with salted white chocolate, if hot it is indicated with dark. 

Chocolate and spices

Chocolate goes perfectly with many spices, just think of the combinations with ginger … the possibilities are endless! An example? Our zest or our extra dark bar with grains of ginger. 

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