Snacks with dried fruit and dehydrated fruit: how the eating habits of Italians have changed with respect to snacks.

As a matter of fact, the eating habits of Italians have changed. The change also concerns “the snack”: in fact, the snacks of the 90s and 2000s gave way to healthier snacks by virtue of the fact that people are more attentive to the well-being of the body and the naturalness of what they eat. And so snacks of dried fruit and dried fruit mixed with dehydrated fruit populate the shelves of supermarkets or confectionery showrooms. In fact, together with oilseeds, dried and dehydrated fruit are the absolute protagonists of the “snacking” phenomenon. Thanks to these 3 super-foods today it is possible to create snacks with high nutritional values ​​and contributions, essential to face all the challenges of our day with the right energy (without having to give up taste).

The new Oliviero fruit bars

Our company, which has always been attentive to the well-being of its customers, also produces various dried fruit snacks. Recently, however, fruit bars have become part of the #Oliviero catalog, the production of which stems from a need to provide the consumer with a healthy snack. These bars are made using only fruit and fruit pastes, so the prevailing sugars are those brought by it. To the fruit, we have added a part of dried fruit to give a small amount of fat (low presence of saturated fat) and a fair amount of proteins related to almonds or peanuts.The birth of this new and innovative product in the broad and complex panorama of snacks, has a dual purpose: on the one hand it responds to the health aspect of producing a snack with a rapid glycemic response, breaks hunger and / or a meal replacement, without refined sugars; on the other hand, to satisfy the hedonistic aspect and that is to obtain the result described above through a good and tasty product.

The range currently includes 4 different combinations of fruit and dried fruit, in order to offer a wide range of choices according to personal prerogatives and tastes. Have you already tried them? Click here to discover them all. 

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