Which type of wine is best suited to accompany nougat in its thousand shades? In this article we suggest the best combinations between wine and nougat.

An ancient flavor

The birth of nougat goes back in time, enclosed in a legendary aura that dates back, according to historical sources, to the ancient Romans and Arabs of the eleventh century. Like any historical dish, its origins are lost among different peoples of the Mediterranean basin. A sweet originally with a hard consistency but which over time has been left to soften in the shape of a rectangle which, currently, can be found in different flavors: almonds, hazelnuts, chocolate, lemon, pistachio. One for every taste in the world, almost.

Nougat is a dessert that stands out on Italian tables especially in November and during the Christmas period: an excellent end of a meal or a perfect interlude, between a chat and another, to offer to guests. And if to accompany a piece of good nougat there was also a good glass of wine?

Nougat and wine: general rule

If you want to combine wine with nougat, know that a (fairly) universal rule applies: sweet and aromatic passito wines represent the perfect combination with nougat. In fact, any wine that we could define as more “classic” could not withstand the sugary load of the nougat which, then, needs to be paired by agreement: that is, a sweet “dish” goes well with sweet wine!

Wine and nougat: to each his own

Therefore, with nougats with dried fruit, such as almonds or hazelnuts, combine Vinsanto: soft and full-bodied with some balsamic notes. You can combine the chocolate-covered nougat with a red wine flavored with cinchona, rhubarb and gentian: wines of this kind are ideal for nougat so rich that they need a full-bodied sip. If, on the other hand, you prefer our nougat flavored with limoncello, it will not be necessary to choose any type of wine, the wine-lemon combination is too forced: limoncello is preferred, where you will find the gustatory concordance not only in the sweetness but also in the main ingredient used.


As you may have understood by reading, the wine-nougat question is quite clear: you cannot overdo it in the combination, otherwise you would risk a flop from all points of view. Be careful in your choice and always prefer fairly sweet wines: your guests will like it.

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